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Why Should I buy a UPC Code?

Category : Barcodes & Business, UPC Codes · by May 11th, 2013

Wondering why you should buy a UPC barcode from Speedy Barcodes? One of the reasons why is because we sell legal and legitimate numbers. We feel that everyone should be able to buy a UPC Code for their products, so we have priced them at a level where everyone should be able to afford them. We even offer a guarantee that our UPC Code pricing is the lowest around or we will price match with an additional 15% off. All you have to do if you find a lower price is to contact us prior to making a purchase and we will provide you with a special code to use when you’re checking out. Let Speedy Barcodes provide all of your barcode needs.

When you are ready to use your UPC Code all you need to do is create your listing on CD Baby, iTunes, eBay, Pandora, or any other location that requires you to have a barcode. No, this isn’t all of the stores where you can use your UPC Code, but there are some larger retail stores that will not accept them. You can read the information on our Barcode Questions page to find out the ones we know that will not accept a UPC Code other than directly from a company named GS1.

What is a UPC Code?

It’s a 12-digit product lookup code. UPC stands for Universal Product Code. No, there is no information about you, your product, or your company buried within the UPC Code. When you look at a UPC Code you sell some lines and some numbers. That’s the same thing a barcode scanner sees when it is used to scan the UPC Code. When the barcode is scanned, your product information is found in the database at the location where your product is being sold. You will provide your barcode, company information, product information, pricing information, etc. to the store or reseller and they will enter your information into their database. That is how your UPC Code and product information gets associated together.

Can I print my own UPC Code labels? Yes, if you have either a thermal barcode printer or a laser printer. If you print with any other type of printer you run the risk of having your barcode smudge or smear and it would not be crisp or clean enough for a bar code scanner to read. If you do not want to take a chance on printing out your UPC Code labels yourself, you can always let Online Labels print them out for you. Here is the link to contact them https://speedybarcodes.com/page/onlineLabels.


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