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Inventory ManagementYou have a brilliant product idea, and so you have taken steps to get it out on the market. You have filed your paperwork, ordered your barcodes, and everything is set up for production. You have stars in your eyes and are waiting eagerly for the day when you can start making money. However, there is another side to the business you’ve neglected, a somewhat boring side but one that has to be considered if you want to succeed. That side is inventory management.

At your peak production, you will likely have hundreds of items rolling off the assembly lines every day, and you need to be able to keep track of all of those items. Fortunately, there are many programmers out there who have your back. Inventory management apps help make tracking your goods easier than over. The following lists a few of our favorites.

Inventory Tracker

The application Inventory Tracker is a fantastic with a myriad of features to cover just about any business need. Some of its features include a barcode scanner, database backup and restoration, spreadsheet exporting, and more. All of these features allow you to not only track your inventory, but report on sales and losses. Inventory Tracker is compatible with 40 different currencies including US Dollars, British Pounds, Japanese Yen, and Euros.

All of these features come in the pro version that is only $9.99.

Retail Inventory

Another inventory management application with an unimaginative name, Retail Inventory delivers many of the same features as Inventory Tracker. In addition to being able to scan barcodes and manage your inventory, Retail Inventory can also export information into spreadsheets. It also integrates with your POS system… with a catch. The major downside to using Retail Inventory is that to get the most out of the application you have to have a subscription with CashierLive.

Even without that subscription, Retail Inventory is still a reliable inventory management system that is worth the investment.


JumpStock has plenty of features to help you handle every facet of managing your inventory. JumpStock was originally developed for the healthcare industry, and the language on the website still shows that this is their primary market. However, many of the apps tools and features are perfectly suited for any business. In addition to tracking how much inventory is used, JumpStock can also track how frequently the inventory is used and when. This makes it easier to plan ahead and ensure that you are never overstocked or understocked on essential supplies. The platform also features technologies for improved automation, reducing the frequency of errors.

JumpStock features a hefty price-tag of $99 a month, but it is worth the investment.

On Shelf

Another feature-rich inventory management application, On Shelf specializes in sales analysis and reporting. While a fantastic tool for tracking your inventory by itself, it also makes sure you always have enough based on sales trends. It requires at least one month of sales data for the predictive algorithm to function, but after that mark you can be sure you will always know how much of each product type you need. This is especially useful for stocking perishable goods, as it will help reduce the amount of inventory wasted due to overstocking.

On Shelf also features a customer database and order tracking systems, further enhancing the utility of the system. This application will only cost $4.99 to download.

Of course, no list of inventory management applications can be exhaustive, but this should be enough to get you started! These applications will ensure you never have any surprise shortages with your inventory.


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