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Category : Barcodes & Business · by May 11th, 2013

What is an EAN Bar Code?

An EAN Bar Code is a unique lookup number that is primarily used outside of the United States and Canada. It can be placed directly on your product’s package by your graphic designer. You just need to provide your graphic designer with the EPS format of your barcode that is included in the barcode package you purchased from us. Be sure to keep a list of what barcode you are assigning to each of your products, so you do not accidently duplicate the barcode on more than one unique product.

EAN Bar Code numbers are 13 digits long. EAN originally stood for “European Article Number” but they are now known as “International Article Number”. Some other common names for EAN Barcodes are EAN-13 or GTIN-13. You should use an EAN if you are selling your product internationally. When you buy barcodes from Speedy Barcodes you will automatically receive this type of number as well as UPC Barcodes.

How does an EAN Bar Code work?

When you make an agreement with a retail store to sell your items, you will need to provide them with information about your product and they will enter that information into their computer system along with prices. When a customer takes your product to the cashier for purchase, the EAN Bar Code on your product is scanned. The barcode scanner reads the lines on the barcode and it locates the product and pricing information. If you do not have an EAN on your product it would be impossible for the retail store to quickly look up your information in their computers.

Can I make up my own EAN Bar Code?

No, an EAN needs to be a legitimate number. If you were to create your own EAN you run the risk of creating a duplicate number that someone else may already legally own and then you would be in trouble. Imagine if you were to make up your own number, had it put on all of your products, and then find out that you cannot use the number you’ve made up. Just think, you’ve wasted all of that money, your time, and trouble. It’s much easier and cheaper to buy a barcode package from Speedy Barcodes.


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