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When purchasing UPC codes, there are plenty of options and differing pricing.  If you are looking to buy upc codes cheap and are a budget minded consumer, there are options other than using GS1, which is a major supplier of barcodes for worldwide use.

Dependent on quantity, and intended use, it is possible to buy upc codes cheap, for retail packaging for less than the cost of a cup of coffee. This has not always been the case in the past. Historically, it was required to obtain an entire block of UPC codes with a unique identifier code.  This proved to be financially non-feasible for many manufacturers and distributors.

One of the best pricing points for bar codes is from Speedy Barcodes.  Speedy Barcodes offers the opportunity to buy upc codes cheap, for as low as $0.04 each when purchased in bulk. Additionally, there are no recurring charges or annual renewal fees associated with the codes they sell.

Many barcode sellers charge a yearly renewal fee.  This fee can run from just a few dollars per year, to upwards of thousands of dollars.  These hidden fees can create problems for purchasers of bar codes that are not aware of them, and can even cause cancellation of their codes in some circumstances.

Utilizing the services of suppliers such as Speedy Barcodes can eliminate the hassle and hidden fees associated with other vendors and satisfy your need to buy upc codes cheap.  This can save lots of money in packaging costs by not having to make changes due to issues with expired codes. Additionally, Speedy Barcodes offers both UPC and EAN versions of barcodes for use worldwide.

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